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Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture Gel is a long wearing and chip-proof gel.  Bio Sculpture offers a semi-permanent nail colour that keeps it's shiny and well-manicured look long after application.



This pioneering British spa and skincare brand uses only the finest, most effective concentration of organic herbs, flowers and marine actives available in the world today. The successful combination of these powerful natural ingredients, cutting edge formulation, advanced technology and proven clinical trials has enabled Elemis to produce some of the most influential products and professional spa treatments the beauty industry has ever seen.

Elemis Biotec

Delivering immediate visible and longer-lasting results. Discover how professional high potency ACTIVES, Elemis’ unique Skin Lift TOUCH and the science of 5 in 1 advanced bio-electric TECHNOLOGY work in perfect synergy with the skin’s natural bio-electric field.
2 years in development, 7 highly-effective, super-charged facial treatments target specific skin needs to reveal a new generation of facials for uncompromising results and client experience.  Each designed to re-boot cellular performance, enhancing the skin’s ability to repair renew and re-tone.  Targeting specific skin needs to deliver immediate, visible and longer-lasting results.



Considered the world's foremost authority in natural nail care, the Jessica System is emphatic about treating individual nail types differently. Nails differ from person to person - just like hair and skin - so careful analysis and innovative products specifically designed to treat different nail types are the foundation of the Jessica system and its ground-breaking precision at achieving healthy, natural nails. Recognised as the best in the world Jessica offers over 200 custom colours that are all free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

Jessica Geleration

Jessica Geleration was formulated with the modern day, active lifestyle in mind. Following the Jessica philosophy of caring for and protecting the natural nail, Jessica Geleration is a soak-off gel in a bottle which is gentle on your nails and protects them as they grow underneath. Featuring a wide choice of colours based on the Jessica Custom Colours, Jessica Geleration is durable, yet flexible offering a long-lasting high-gloss shine with no chipping, no smudging and the added benefit of additional protection against peeling and breaking



Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon hot wax delivers superior performance removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. Formulated to be very elastic and pliable, Lycon Wax grips and shrink-wraps short hair for easy, effective and long lasting results. The low melting point temperature and gentle formulas used provide nurturing and conditioning benefits for extra comfort, leaving even the most sensitive skin smooth and soft to the touch.


Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata is the world's first non-toxic tanning range. Using only the highest quality ingredients which are certified organic and also paraben, alcohol and fragrance free to ensure a totally safe, healthy and natural looking tan. A unique moisture-lock system which keeps the skin soft and hydrated helps to prolong the life of your tan and ensures it fades evenly and naturally.

Young Blood

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral makeup has steadily emerged as the makeup choice for clients seeking a healthier, more natural alternative to traditional cosmetics. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics sets itself apart from other brands because it uses only the purest most luxurious minerals; free of fragrance, oil, talc, and artificial dyes. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are ideal for all skin tones, skin types and skin conditions. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are so pure they can be used on traumatised skin caused by acne, rosacea, laser treatments, waxing treatments, facials and cosmetic surgery.